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Get a solution that uses purely 100% 256bit hack proof encryptions that banks use for your business​

Our unbeatable amalgamation of advanced technology implementation solutions, our long-term commitment to our customer supply and demand set us distinctively amongst experts as a unique company with compelling innovation

Our Solution Offers

Accounting System

The SmartWav accounting system is a one-stop solution to all accounting challenges experienced in any kind of business. A system that remotely…

Inventory Management

The Inventory management system avails you with a comprehensive print panel that allows you print product details, catalogue, inventory, inventory summary, stock value….

Business Performance Charts

Our system has the capability of presenting your overall business performance, and in the department through a uniqu…

Employee Management

It handles details of each and every employee with pictures, resume, appointment letters, and biodata. It keeps track of the activities of every employee and compels good….

Assets Management

Our system helps you manage your assets and calculate their depreciation, thereby providing you with the actual value of your assets over time…

Paperless Filling/Security

Our solution uses purely 100 percent 256bit hack proof encryptions that banks use to keep our files and records secured and intact. We truly understand the mindset of employees…

Video Testimonials

clients say

Godwin Opara (Accountant)

I have used many softwares like business Sensor 6, Sage 50, and QuickBooks just to mention but a few. When I came across Unipros, I discovered that there are a lot of feature I am yet to see in all the other softwares I have used before.In fact I call it owner’s representative. You don’t need to be there to know whatever that is going on. The software will send every information to your phone wherever you are. For instance, they want to make a sale, the software will send the bill to your phone to crosscheck and approve to generate an invoice. Likewise payment, it also sends you details of the payment to your phone to approve or not. You don’t need to be stay in your office 24 hours to do business. You can do other businesses and this software will record and take care of every transactions. So I recommend it for business owners, companies, hotels and so on. It will be very good for them. If you use it, you won’t regret it. Even in hotel environment, using Unipros Solution allows you have an interface with between the doors and the front desk computers allowing the user to operate the doors from the comfort of their workspace.

Dr Nnamdi Olebara (President VBFN):

My name is Chief Doctor Nnamdi Olebra. I am a poet, television broadcaster, a journalist, and of course the president of Veteran Broadcasters Forum of Nigeria. Unipros solution is a program I recommend for every small, medium, and big business in this country. It6 takes off the headache from you, calculating and trying to know who stole, who did this or that, who is responsible for what and so on.Unipros can audit your staff; the time the queued in for work, what happened, who deleted what, who sold what. Take it that you have about 10 companies, how do you go from one post to the other. With Unipros you can collect in a reservoir all that has happened in all of them without anybody knowing.Unipros is your confidential auditor, your confidential reporter and your saver. Save yourself the problem of stress, metal agony, business wait like the call it, and have a home maker they call Unipros Solution putting your business in the right perspective, keeping your mind at peace, and having your comfort while doing business.


Unipros is a must have for every business owner. It has zero tolerance for fraud. It safes me the stress of running around to know what’s happening in the business, and checkmating people all around. All I need to do is once I am around, with the click of a button; I know everything that has happened in the in detail.

Sylvester (Caroon Motors)

Unipros is easy and flexible. I have worked with a lot of programs in my years as a management staff, and have come to conclude that Uniprossolution is built with our people in mind because it understands the way our people think. At the work place, if you think you can outsmart unipros, then you are just about to loose your job.


the software Unipros has helped the management of our station so well. Most especially the electronic media department where it has done perfectly well. It has also helped us to effectively go paperless as we no longer use a single paper anymore. It has solved the cost accrued from that in our station. And so I recommend unipros for any growing business in Nigeria and beyond. Unipros is good.

Ohaji Loveth (VTals Integrated Ltd.):

I have used some other programs down there in vtals but this one I am talking about is called Unipros solutions. It is a package that makes your work easier for you. And as a business owner, I think you must own one.

OffiafuluaguMbaka (Actor)

With this software, you can monitor your finances as in your accounts, your staff, the management, the inventory in your offices, your hotels, your rooms and so on. That is how far Unipros can go. With Unipros solution, you have less stress. Do you have a bar or a restaurant? Are you are tailor or fashion designer?Unipros solution will take you there.

Kate Okoye(Manager DMITV)

My name is Kate Okoye. I am the manager of DMITV Online Abuja. We are using unipros Solutions for all our office activities. It definitely beats every other thing other there that we have ever laid our hands on.

Mr Henry Maduforo (EmmymecusAlluminium):

Wenever believed it would work for use before. But as it stands today, Unipros Solution has saved my company in accounting, security and even eradicated all our financial losses. My advice to the whole of Nigeria and the world at large is to get a Unipros solution immediately because it has helped us a lot.


What blew my mind away at first sight was super easy-to-use interface. After a few enlightenment I decided to give it a try and today, I can boast of a fortified business even with my minimal knowledge of the computer.

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